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1. You can easily start your own miniature store at a very low cost! For existing business owners, you can utilize My Box as a new promotion platform, reaching different types of customers, and opening up to potential new markets in Greater Vancouver. Expanding your business through My Box is an excellent method to promote and test water for new product. If you don’t have a channel to promo your business, we are your solution!

2. The maintenance of a cubic business is very simple. Our staffs deal with all the sales and transaction in the store, hence owners is only required to restock their cubic periodically.

3. We provide an ideal platform for small and new startup businesses to advertise and sell their products.<

4. My Box is located at the Mall's ground floor, which attracts and ensures a high flow of shoppers every day.

5. We have a team of professional sale associates to promo your products and complete all transactions.

6. My Box hosts different store promotion and festive sale events periodically.

7. We have implemented a membership reward program to attract customer and maintain high customer loyalty.

8. My Box utilize varies social media, such as Facebook and Weibo, to effectively promote our store and your products, as well as to reach out different types of customers.

9. We have box rental cost as low as $30 per month!