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The membership reward program is a way for My Box to demonstrate our appreciation to our loyal customers. How does the program work? Every time you make a purchase at My Box Store, you will receive membership points. Every dollar you spend equals to a point. Once you have collected over 1000 points, you will receive 5% off discount on every future purchase you make at My Box Store. When you have collected over 1500 points, you will receive 10% off discount on your next purchases. And when you have collected over 2000 points, you will receive 12% off discount on your future purchases.

However, restrictions are applied to this membership reward program:

1.) Discounts only apply to regular price items. They do not apply to sale

2.) Some box licensees didn’t join the reward program. Hence, discounts
are only applied to merchandises that are listed in the program.

3.) The membership discounts cannot be combined with other special
promotion/discount offered by the box licensees. For more information,
please ask one of our friendly sale associates.